Quebec events

Find health events across the province, including the 5th Annual Scotiabank Montreal 21K & 5K to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and 13th Annual MS Golf Challenge

Quebec events

Health and Fitness Events

May 21–June 4: Spinal Integration
Montreal: A five-day workshop with Donna Farhi focusing on the proper practice of yoga through spinal placement and movement.

June 1: What is Kundalini?
Montreal: Nigel Wolf teaches techniques to raise this energy.

June 2–3 & 5: Spinates!
Montreal: A series of intensive early morning workshops that blur the lines of pliates and spinning.

June 3–8: Youth Empowerment and Life Skills Training
Montreal: This 26 hour program empowers those aged 18 to 32 with tools to eliminate stress and negative emotions, strong social and leadership skills, heightened awareness and increased mental focus.

June 7: The Ground of Being
Pierrefonds: Anusara Yoga workshop with Robin Golt.

June 14: Sustainable eating for the Summer
Montreal: An interactive workshop with with Pearle Nerenberg and Kate Trussler about healthy and environmentally conscious nutrition.

June 15: Fire in the Belly
Montreal: Divya Yoga workshop with Daryl Vansier.

June 21: The Ultimate XC
Val Morin: Featuring a marathon, half-marathon and 10-kilometre run.

June 22: 29th Annual Tour du Lac Brome
Knowlton: Featuring 10- and 20-kilometre runs as well as one- and five-kilometre races.

July 13: The Spinal Support System
Montreal: Yoga workshop focusing on the back and neck.

August 16–22: Nia Technique’s White Belt Intensive Workshop
Montreal: An "all-gain, no-pain" fitness program that uses the body, mind, emotion and spirit.

Aug 17: Balancing the Feminine and Masculine
Montreal: Divya Yoga workshop.

Aug 22–24: The Weekend to End Breast Cancer
Montreal: Walk 60K for a cure.

Aug 24: SSQ Quebec City Marathon 2008
Quebec: Also featuring a half-marathon, 10K and 5K run.

Sept 14: Montreal International Marathon
Montreal: Also featuring a half-marathon, 10K and 5K runs.

Sept 14: The Chakras According to Kabalah
Pierrefonds: Kabalah Yoga workshop with Audi Gozlan.

Sept 14: Integrating Sun and Moon
Montreal: Divya Yoga workshop.

Oct 5: Marathon de Rimouski
Rimouski: Also featuring a half-marathon, 10K and 4.2K runs/walks.

Oct 31—Nov 2: Sacroiliac Joint and Asana & Living Your Yoga
Montreal: Workshops with Judith Hanson Lasater PhD., Physical Therapist.

Motivational and Well-Being Events

June 27: Managing Emotions and Thriving Under Pressure
Montreal: An exciting new program designed to create an understanding of where emotions are generated and how to channel them to your benefit in a professional environment and in your life.

Oct 4: Beyond the Law of Attraction-Creating Your Awesome Future
Pierrefonds: An inspirational workshop to help you attract what you want.

Other Charity / Fundraising Events

June 29–30: 13th Annual MS Golf Challenge
Granby: The Quebec Division of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada presents 100 holes of golf to support research and a cure.

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