This Professional Figure Skater Reveals Her Secret For Six-Pack Abs

German figure skater Vanessa Bauer shares her advice for sculpting the abs of your dreams—and it’s a lot easier than you think.

Vanessa Bauerphoto credit: Vanessa Bauer Instagram

Whether Vanessa Bauer is being crowned the champion of UK’s Dancing on Ice or performing in Toronto’s Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) aerial acrobatics and ice skating show, Quatro (which ran from August 17 to September 3), she credits her success to one thing: passion. “I have always been 100 percent passionate about what I am doing—and it has brought me to where I am today,” says Bauer.

Grateful that her parents introduced her to this beautiful sport when she was young, the now 22-year-old German-born professional ice skater and personal trainer (currently living in London, England) reveals that she has always loved and burned for the sport. “Whenever I am on the ice I’m happy and there is no better feeling than sharing your passion when performing,” she says. “Taking that step to move on into the show skating world has shown me every day how much I’m in love with this sport.”

Being that figure skating is the perfect platform to evolve her passion for fitness, her Instagram page has become her main source for showcasing her top tips and advice—especially when it comes to sculpting abs. And if you’ve scrolled through her page lately, then you know her abs are literally #absgoals. These are the myths you need to stop believing before you can get abs.

So, what exactly is Vanessa Bauer’s secret to a sculpted six-pack?

Drink lots of water and eat healthy

“You can train your abs three hours a day and still not see results if you’re not eating the right things.”

Make cardio a priority

“Before abs can become visible, you need to burn fat by doing cardio.”

The workout she swears by

“In addition to your normal workout, always add 10-minutes of a variation of ab exercises,” she says. “Do this every day and you will see results!” (See below for some of her fave “ripped abs” exercises.)

Happy Monday ! ❤️ People ask me what I do to get such defined abs. ????????‍♀️ Firstly, abs are made in the kitchen. You can work out 6 hours a day like crazy and still don’t see the definition. ????????‍♀️ That happens when you’re not eating right or you don’t drink enough water.! ???????? Here are a few great exercises to incorporate in your workout to help you get Ripped abs ! ☺️???????? Any questions DM me ???? – – 1️⃣ 20 tangled full body crunches; each side 2️⃣ 20 straight leg side crunches each side 3️⃣ 30 Starfish crunches – Twice or three times through after every workout or first thing in the morning ???????????? . . . . . . #workoutvideo #workoutmotivation #abs #sixpack #sixpackfemmes #fitness #gymsharkwomen #gymsharktrain #gymshark #gymoutfit #fitnessinspiration #fitgirlvids #AEtrainersearch #fitnessvideos #fit #rippedabs #strongwomen

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Her daily fitness routine

For Bauer, her fitness routine usually depends on her schedule and what her goals are at the time. “When I am in a show contract like the CNE where we have shows every day, I tend to use the show, the warm up and the cool down as my workout,” she says. “Other than that, I listen to what my body needs—and mostly it screams: give me some yoga and stretching.”

But when she’s back home in London, hitting up the gym is an every day occurrence. “On a typical day, I’ll wake up at 9 am and have a big glass of water before I go into a stretching and meditation session. After breakfast, depending on what I have on my agenda, I do some work. Then, in the evening, I’ll go to the gym for a half-hour of cardio and an hour of body weight and resistance training. And usually, I’ll finish with a cool down of stretching for 20 minutes.”

How she fuels her body


The one thing Bauer never goes without in the morning? Oats! “I have to have oats; they fuel my body with energy, good carbs and fibres.”

Pre- and post-workout:

Even though she’s not a huge fan of supplements, she does make sure to have Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) during and after her workouts. “They help me recover my muscles,” she says. Plus, she admits to loading up on potassium after her workouts by having a banana and coconut water. (Find out how this celebrity trainer fuels her six-day a week fitness routine.)

The biggest fitness tip she tells friends

“Fitness starts with good nutrition,” she says. “You only have one body, so fuel it right and give it the attention it needs.”

Three mantras she lives by:

  1. “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”
  2. “Strive to be the best version of yourself.”
  3. “Always be kind, passionate, hard-working and grateful.”

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