A Dietitian’s Tips For Grab-and-Go Breakfasts

Going to the drive-thru isn’t the only option for effortless breakfasts.

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Easy Portable Breakfasts

We can all use some extra time in the morning, which is why portable breakfasts are such a popular option for busy women and their families.We asked Samara Foisy, a registered dietitian with Loblaw Companies Ltd., for her best pieces of advice on shopping for and prepping a nutritious breakfast.

1) Focus on portable breakfasts that are easy to eat on the run but also nutritious.
It’s easy to forget about the latter when you’re in a rush! Aim to incorporate three of the four food groups, like avocado on whole-grain toast with a hard-boiled egg. Grab-and-go meals tend to be smaller, so it’s important to pack in healthy nutrients.

2) Meal Plan
Planning ahead can save you time and allow you to make good choices. It’s as easy as setting aside a bit of time on the weekend to make a list of healthy meals and prep some of your ingredients for the week (like boiling eggs, cutting up fruits and veggies and portioning out whole-grain cereal toppers). This is the best way to keep you on track when you’re on the run.

3) Check The Labels On Store-Bought Goods
Look for options that are low in saturated fat, sugar and salt and high in positive nutrients like fibre, omega-3s, vitamins and minerals. Read the labels and compare brands using the “% daily value,” which shows you if a serving packs a lot of nutrients (15 percent) – or a little (five percent).

4) Try My Favourite Healthy Portable Breakfast
My favourite packaged breakfast product is PC Blue Menu 100% Whole Grain Steel Cut Oats. They are high in fibre, have no added salt or sugar and boast a great nutty flavour. The small package makes it easy to throw in your bag and take it to go. Just add hot water and some cinnamon, yogurt, nuts, seeds and/or dried or fresh fruit when you reach your destination.