Planning a Trip?

Be Sure to Include Ester-C® Energy Boost in Your Carry-On for Good Health on the Go.

SISU Energy Boostphoto credit: sisu

Travelling can deplete the body and mind in a multitude of ways.

From the dry, germ-filled air recirculating through airplane cabins to the havoc wreaked on your system by changes in time zones and dietary options — there are countless stressors accompanying travel. Whether you’re heading out on the road or across an ocean, arming yourself with the right supplement can make a world of difference to your health. But with only so much luggage space, which supplements should you choose?

For starters, be sure to include a supplement containing a healthy dose of vitamin C. Supporting the production of infection-fighting white blood cells, vitamin C is essential to the immune system, which can really take a hit from the stress, strain and exhaustion of travelling. And no vitamin C supplement does this better than Ester-C®, a patented, non-acidic form shown to provide 24-hour immune support. This powerful nutrient may also offer anti-inflammatory benefits, another key to a safe and enjoyable trip.

In addition to vitamin C, your body requires a number of other nutrients to function at its best when you’re away from home. This includes B vitamins for energy support as well as sodium, potassium, magnesium and other minerals essential for rehydration. (Many people walk far more while travelling than they do at home, and planes themselves are notoriously dehydrating!)

This may sound like a lot of nutrients to keep track of, especially when you’re travelling. Don’t add another stressor to your trip — try Sisu Ester-C® Energy Boost, which combines all of these nutrients in a convenient and great-tasting drink mix. Simply add a single-serving packet of Energy Boost to water and you’re good to go. It mixes easily into a non-carbonated drink in a variety of energizing flavours like orange, lemon-lime, wildberry and pina colada.

Energy Boost is perfect when you’re on the road, plane, train or just about anywhere. For more information, go to