Our best healthy chili recipes

Nothing says warm and cozy like a bowl of steaming chili. Whether it’s meat-based or vegetarian, chili can be tailored to suit your tastes. Try one of these healthy recipes to widen your chili repertoire

Our best healthy chili recipes

Source: Web exclusive: February 2009

Our best healthy chili recipes

Classic Chili Con Carne with Cornbread
Slow-cooked beef and beans in a rich tomato sauce spiced with chilis and cumin make this an inviting meal on a wintry day. Warm, crumbly, moist cornbread studded with corn kernels and mild green chiles makes the perfect accompaniment for a classic chili con carne.

Meaty Mushroom Chili
For chili lovers who don’t like beans, here’s a recipe that uses mushrooms instead to delicious effect.

Hearty Italian Chili
A traditional hearty chili with Italian touches—spaghetti sauce, mushrooms and pepperoni.

Cabbage Patch Chili
Cabbage adds a slightly sweet note to conventional chili.

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