News: Canada ranks fifth in the world for happiness

Now, this is something to smile about!


The 2015 World Happiness Report has ranked Canada fifth in the world for happiness and subjective well-being. That’s up one spot since the last report in 2013. Ahead of Canada is, in order, Switzerland, Iceland, Denmark and Norway.

The report suggests that happiness and well-being are key indicators of a nation’s economic and social development. “Countries with strong social and institutional capital not only support greater well-being, but are more resilient to social and economic crises,” says John F. Helliwell, a professor at the University of British Columbia, who edited the report.

On a national level, political freedom, strong social networks and the absence of corruption are important factors in ranking happiness. On an individual level, good mental and physical health, having someone to count on, job security and having a stable family are all important. See, money can’t necessarily buy happiness!

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