Fresh Ink? The Best Way To Take Care Of Your New Tattoo

New tattoo after care can be stressful – no one wants to ruin fresh ink with scarring and dull colours. Here’s how to take care of your new tat.

My new tattoo after care diary

The key is to wash the new tattoo gently with non-scented mild soap (after you first remove the bandage). Ivory or a non-scented soap will do. Wash the area with your hands, as oppose to using a washcloth.

I had to ensure that all traces of Vaseline (put on before the bandage is applied to keep the skin moist for healing), excess pigment and blood were cleaned off. Then I just left the bandage off for two days. Once it starts to flake a little bit, I used unscented moisturizer (I used Lubriderm) at the beginning of day three. I applied two to three thin coats of moisturizer each day until all the flaking is goes away and the skin regains its original healthy texture.

Also, you have to avoid touching your tattoo before it’s all healed. The only time you would touch it is when you are cleaning it or moisturizing it.

Me, personally, I would also avoid swimming, hard workouts that cause perspiration, and tight clothing over the area for the first week or so. It must be kept clean and dry but hydrated by a moisturizer.

It does get itchy, as the top layer of the skin peels. I avoid scratching and peeling off the dry skin. I don’t want to increase my risk for scarring, infection and discoloration.

My new tattoo – a geometric avocado

I personally don’t believe that only super meaningful things should go on your body. I view tattooing as an art form. I got an avocado because it is my favourite food, and I really liked the design.

take care tattoo skinfix balm spray

Skinfix Inked Tattoo Enhancing Spray and Tattoo Balm, $18.99 and Tattoo Enhancing Spray, $23.99 at and Shoppers Drug Mart locations.

New tattoo after care

I started using Skinfix Inked Tattoo Balm a bit late. I should have used it right after I got the tattoo, but I definitely noticed some positive changes.

There were two rough areas on my tattoo that might have been caused by heavier pressure of the needle, which is normal and does happen. After using the balm for three days, the rough spots went away completely and now my skin is soft all over. (I’ve been using it on my entire forearm.)

I love the consistency. It is so easy to apply. It penetrates into the skin instantly and leaves your tattoo looking shiny and bright. There is absolutely no film and it smells great.

Making my new tattoo look better

I used Skinfix Inked Tattoo Enhancing Spray on another tattoo – a beautiful peacock that I have on my right leg. I was pleasantly surprised. You only need a tiny amount, so one bottle should last you a long time.

Once it’s on, it doesn’t leave an oily film and my tattoo colours looked much brighter!

And to be honest, I started using this spray all over my legs because the moisturizing properties are amazing. Also, it makes your skin shiny all over without making you feel greasy. Tattoo itself remained shimmering and bright for the entire evening.

For my next tattoo – I’ll definitely be getting another – I will be using the balm right away.

take care new tattoo, new avocado tattoophoto credit: Lisa Hannam