New & Now: May 6, 2011

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New & Now: May 6, 2011

Source: Web exclusive, May 2011

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Adding food and subtracting calories

Is there such a thing as a natural appetite suppresant? Some foods have been shown to cause diners to eat less at their next meal. | New York Times

Scientists shake up what we know about salt

Has salt been unfairly demonized? A new study says watching the salt in your diet does not improve health and can even increase your risk of heart attack or stroke.  | CBS News

Group session: The doctor is in, for all of you

A new trend is helping patients get more face time with their doctors and connect with others who are going through similar experiences. According to new research on group visits with patients with Parkinson’s disease, it works.  | The Canadian Press

Macho, macho man

How do men react to a blow to their manhood? By becoming more aggressive. According to a new study, men will choose to punch a bag over solving a puzzle after being asked to braid hair. | The Globe and Mail

Too little and too much sleep can age your brain by seven years

Pulling an all-nighter then sleeping in the next day might work now as a way of dealing with hectic schedules, but research warns this kind of behaviour can impact mental health later in life. | Daily Mail