New & Now: May 13, 2011

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New & Now: May 13, 2011

Source: Web exclusive: May 2011

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Weirdest diet surgery ever

Where else but L.A. would doctors come up with this surgical procedure that makes it painful to eat? | Good

But does it taste good?

In Italy, a what’s-old-is-new cow’s milk alternative for kids with dairy allergies. | BBC News

Diet plans, ranked

Consumer Reports takes a look at which diet plans are best’but which one came out on top? |

New tip to cut calories

Researchers find this simple trick causes people to consume less, even while distracted. | Chicago Tribune

Help for the doctor shortage

In Ontario, a record number of doctors were licensed in 2010’41% of them from outside Canada. | Toronto Star

Another case for breastfeeding

According to new research, a higher percentage of formula-fed babies show behavioural problems by age five. | The Guardian

Stock up on fans

A new study claims that hot flashes last an average of 10 years, more than the five previously thought. | Mail Online