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New & Now: Latest health news from around the web

Source: Web exclusive, October 2011

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Fish oil myth debunked?

A new study shows that taking fish oil supplements while pregnant may not make your kid smarter. | The Huffington Post

Breaking a hip increases the risk of death for older women

For women in their 60s, a broken hip can be fatal in the first year of recovery. | The Toronto Star

Supreme Court rules drug injection sites will stay open

In a landmark 9-0 decision, Canada’s highest court decides to keep injection sites open across the country. | The Huffington Post

Listeria warning for smoked salmon

Ontario’s chief medical officer is warning people not to eat a Strubs brand of smoked salmon. | The Globe and Mail

What are three occupations most likely to smoke?

The CDC reports that construction workers, miners and food service employees are the most likely to smoke. | My Health News Daily

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