New & Now: June 24, 2011

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New & Now: June 24, 2011

Source: Web exclusive, June 2011

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Try a hammock for better sleep

A study by Swiss neuroscientists has found that gentle rocking, such as that from a hammock or crib, helped the study’s 12 male participants fall asleep faster, and achieve a deeper sleep than when they slept in a conventional bed. | Toronto Star

Aspirin a day could help reduce risk of skin cancer

A study from Harvard Medical School found that regularly taking painkillers such as aspirin could cut the risk of melanoma by 40 percent. | Daily Mail

When it comes to sex, teens model their parents

A Canadian survey from CHU Sainte-Justine, a hospital centre for mothers, adolescents and children at the University of Montreal found 45 percent of teens looked to their parents as sexual role models, while 32 percent saw their friends as role models. | Montreal Gazette

Canadians are increasingly stressed, says StatsCan

The data from Statistics Canada’s 2010 Canadian Community Health Survey indicates 24 percent of respondents aged 15 and over said most days they were extremely or quite stressed. In the survey, more women than men reported high levels of stress. | The Globe and Mail

The dishes may be clean, but your dishwasher could be dirty

Scientists say they found 62 percent of dishwashers contained deadly bacteria. The moist and hot environment serves as a breeding ground for fungi, they say. | Daily Mail

Western Canada leads the country in healthy living

The Canadian Community Health Survey released by Statistics Canada revealed British Columbia as the leader in healthy living and physical fitness. The province also had the lowest smoking and binge-drinking rates. | The Province

Urban stress causes reaction in the brain

A German study has found that the brain reacts more vigorously to stress in city dwellers or people who grew up in urban areas. |


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