New & Now: Docs spot a man’s face in tumour scan, plus more of the latest news

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Docs spot a man’s face in tumour scan

This has to be one of the strangest things doctors have spotted in an ultrasound. Doctors at Queen’s University did a "double take" after finding what looks like a man’s face in the ultrasound of a testicular tumour. The image was published in "Urology" recently as part of a monthly photo feature that displays interesting cases. | Sympatico Health & Fitness

Is that a sperm bike?

Seattle residents will spot "sperm bikes" cruising down their city streets, as of this week. Not only do the bikes look like sperm, they come equipped with a built-in freezer that transports semen to fertility clinics. The bicycles are part of a marketing stunt for Seattle Sperm Bank, which they hope will encourage quality donors. Sperm banks in Europe already use identical bikes as a promotional gimmick. | TIME Healthland

Too posh to push?

British moms-to-be may soon have the choice of a natural birth or elective C-section. Under new rules, women can elect to have a free C-section (even if it’s not medically necessary). Proponents argue that women should be granted the right to choose how they give birth. Critics say a vaginal birth is best since it helps the baby’s lungs expand. | The Globe and Mail

Man loses 200 pounds, then battles healthcare system

A Newfoundland man wants the government to pick up the tab for skin surgery after he lost more than 200 pounds. The man wants six pounds of excess skin on his chest removed so he can comfortably exercise and remain active. The surgery is not considered medically necessary, although he argues Canada’s medical system is biased against the obese.   | The Toronto Star

Healthcare costs double in the last decade

Over the last ten years, healthcare costs in Canada have doubled, and will cross the $200 billion mark this year. A lot of the growth in spending happened between 1998 and 2008 (an average rise of seven percent annually). This year, spending went up 4 percent, according to the Canadian Institute for Health Information. | Sympatico Health & Fitness