New & Now: August 5, 2011

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New & Now: August 5, 2011

Source: Web exclusive, August 2011

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Are breast cancer ads too pink?

A new study suggests the use of pink in breast cancer awareness campaigns is not effective in garnering donations. | TIME

Stop your worrying

A study from Case Western University finds that excessive worriers alienate their peers and face health issues such as heart disease. | The Atlantic Wire

Dieting forces brain to eat itself

Scientists say brain cells will respond to dieting by eating themselves in order to ward off starvation. | The Telegraph

Chew your food for weight control

A study has found that the more people chew their food, the more they are able to control their weight. According to researchers, more chewing lowers levels of an appetite-stimuating hormone, and increases levels of an appetite-suppressing hormone. | CBS News

Prescription drug linked to male breast cancer

Male breast cancer has been reported in a small number of patients taking the prescription drug finasteride, used to treat male pattern baldness and enlarged prostate, Health Canada reports. |

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