New & Now: April 8, 2011

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New & Now: April 8, 2011

Source: Web exclusive, April 2011

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New this week:

Canada’s poor environment record is putting our wellbeing at risk  

A report released Thrursday by a network of academics warns that Canada is not doing enough to protect the environment. | Toronto Star

Quiz: When breaking a habit, are you a moderator or abstainer?

When making healthy changes to your diet, can you eat junk food in moderation or do you need to quit cold turkey? Blogger Grechen Ruben differentiates between the two strategies. | Psychology Today

Shopping ‘may improve health’

Great news: no need to feel guilty about splurging on new shoes’loosening your purse strings may be good for your health.  | BBC News

Would you wear bacon-scented cologne?

You love it for breakfast, and now you can smell like bacon all day long. But would you want to?

Canada’s health care system has ‘spending disease’

A report released wednesday suggests there is not enough money to maintain our health care system.  Can we expect higher taxes or other budget cuts? | Ottawa Citizen

Working overtime may be bad for your heart

Should your employer give you danger pay for all the extra hours your put in at the office? New research suggests working overtime is unhealthy. | ABC News

Man finds kidney on Facebook

Facebook isn’t just for posting hilarious photos of yourself’one 35-year-old Michigan man found a new kidney via the popular social networking site. | Yahoo News (via ABC News)

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