New & Now: April 15, 2011

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New & Now: April 15, 2011

Source: Web exclusive, April 2011

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New this week:

Allergies can increase the risk of depression

Sneezing, sniffling and stuffy noses are allergy symptoms that can leave anyone feeling miserable, but have you ever considered that you might be depressed? Recent studies have found that allergy sufferers have twice the risk of depression as the allergy-free. | New York Times

New app calculates calories through photos of food

With the use of a new app, keeping track of your daily calorie consumption is easier than ever.  All you need to do is take a picture of your food before digging in. | Reuters

Bi-polar comes out of the mental health closet

Catherine Zeta-Jones stunned the world when she announced on Wednesday she has received inpatient treatment for biopolar II disorder. What exactly does this mean? | Chicago Tribune

Health nuts put a financial strain on health care

Everyone thinks obesity and chronic smoking cost healthcare systems millions of dollars, but a Dutch study shows it’s the healthy people with their long lives who are racking up the medical bills. | The Atlantic

In defense of wandering eyes

You can look but you can’t have. A new study says punishing significant others when they are caught checking out strangers could actually encourage infidelity. | Salon

Gyms are built to be boring

Have you been brainwashed to believe the more hours you put in at the gym, the better? Learn the secrets to real health and being truly fit. | Men’s Journal

Indoor farming could be the future of food production

A farm next door to your local mall or supermarket? Dutch researchers say "super greenhouses" that control everything from humidty to light may be the answer to feeding the world’s growing population. | Huffington Post

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