The New New Balance Shoe Is Different (But The Same) From Your Other NBs

New Balance just launched its latest shoe Fuel Cell, which has some heritage details you just might not see at first look.

New Balance Fuel Cell, ladies

The new New Balance Fuel cell is a sleek fashionable running shoe, bringing together two things that you’ll love: fashion and function.

The shoe design immediately caught my eye. I never pegged myself as a neon girl, especially for a show with two neon hits in pink and yellow. But the seamless look of the shoe is what pulls it off from workout to street. The pink laces and the matching upper is sleek and modern, even with a loud yellow soul.

The function is there too. I do like a minimalist-style shoe. The thin sole and flexible bed are more my feet’s style, as I’m less likely to get blisters and foot cramping (less pressure on my feet).

Fuel Cell’s functions

New Balance Canada’s Dylan Day, a Trackster (technical representative) tells me that the sole is what will make me love my runs.

The Fuel Cell features a really sleek design which speaks to the shoe’s intended function: propulsion.,” he says, about the shoe which took two years to develop. With just a six-millimetre drop with a “nitrogen-infused TPU, which is designed to propel the athlete off the platform quickly and efficiently. The midsole of this shoe makes use of this new FuelCell technology, combining it with our REVlite foam in a calculated way to optimize cushioning and underfoot feel.” That’s shoe-speak for a bouncy, but supportive plastic sole.

“The final result is a low profile look and feel, with power coming out of every stride.” It was tested with World Champion sprinter Trayvon Bromell.

As for the heritage

Despite this looking very different (at least to me) to other NB kicks, Day tells me there is some heritage detailing in the Fuel Cell.

The lacing style (which I totally love) you might recognize. This innovative departure from traditional lace/saddle construction might be familiar to NB fans as a shout-out to the upper of the New Balance Vazee 2090,” says Day.

And New Balance Canada footwear merchandiser David Korell adds: “JF Fullum was the creator in the development of the N2 compound (FuelCell’s predecessor) first introduced with the NB 1080v1, but never before in a full heel to toe execution like in the Fall ’17 Fuel Cell.  JF is a Montrealer who has been developing projects with NB since 2010 and the origins of the 890v1.”

My NB Fuel Cell review

It’s a comfortable shoe. I’m a short distance fan, and I liked these for a quick run, even with intervals on the treadmill. It’s a bit more narrow than I’m used to, but the flexibility had lots of give, so I didn’t notice, other than by the look of the shoe.

New Balance Fuel Cell, $209.99 at