My Healthy Life: Liza Fromer

Liza Fromer shares how she leads her happy and healthy life

My Healthy Life: Liza Fromer

Although she has worked as a broadcast journalist for more than 20 years, Liza Fromer still gets a rush during every live taping of her show. ‘It’s not so much nerves, like in the early days of hosting,’ says the 44-year-old co-host of Global’s The Morning Show. ‘It’s more that I’m alert and excited. When an interview is going well, or there’s a great conversation happening, it’s thrilling.’

The Kitchener, Ont., native studied radio and television arts at Ryerson University. Her career includes co-hosting CityTV’s Breakfast Television for five years and hosting her own series for the Slice network. ‘I’ve always tried to take on jobs I didn’t have experience in, so that I could learn and grow,’ says Fromer. ‘I’ve done the weather and the news, I’ve been an anchor and I’ve been a morning show host, and that’s the job I’ve loved most. It’s live, it’s spontaneous and I get to talk to everybody’authors, newsmakers, artists, chefs’all kinds of people, every single day. I’m in my element.’

Newly single, she lives in Toronto with her two kids, Samson, 8, and Ever, 4. Here’s how she lives a healthy life.

Automate your mornings: ‘Believe it or not, I’m not naturally a morning person. I have to be up at 4 a.m. to leave my home at 4:40, so having a routine is essential. Every task is scheduled and happens in the same order: Wash face, brush teeth, get dressed, pour coffee and go, go, go!’

Choose a workout you will stick with: ‘I joined a gym after I had my second baby. I had just turned 40 and thought, ‘It’s time to get serious.’ But when I landed my current job, I couldn’t go as often. Now, Kris Reyes, one of the other co-hosts, and I bring in a trainer twice a week, and work out in our studio after the show. We’ve been exercising with kettlebells, which has helped me build strength and endurance.’

Forget balance: ‘I strive to live a life that feels manageable, without the added pressure of finding perfect balance. I look at life in general as being a marathon, not a sprint, so I’m not going to judge myself by what I did yesterday or today. It’s okay to tread water for a little while in parts of your life.’

Beat stress by moving:
‘On days when I don’t see my trainer, I’ll run up and down the stairs at work. It’s a 16-storey building, and I’ll do it twice. I feel great afterwards. I try to squeeze yoga in now and again, and I also walk everywhere: Going on long walks helps me to relax. I bring my kids when I can, but my four-year-old’s version of a long walk is different than mine.’

Be kind to yourself:
‘I think as women, we are so hard on ourselves. We worry about letting other people down, or we beat ourselves up for not going to the gym often enough. I’m struggling with that right now: I was in great shape for a long time, but now I’ve gained a few pounds and feel like I’m in average shape. But I’m really trying not to identify myself by my size, and to keep things in perspective: It should be about health, not looks.’