Why Mother’s Day Will Always Be Significant to Me

I’ve been a mother for a few decades now and, believe me, I never tire of its significance.

What Mother’s Day means to me

Just the notion of the day puts a lump in my throat for several reasons.

One, I’ve been a mother for a few decades now and, believe me, I never tire of its significance. Some people claim that it’s a fabricated holiday, boosted by the likes of card companies and bonbon boutiques to make more money. To that, I say phooey. Also, who cares?

What does Mother’s Day mean to me? Mother’s Day is special. I love how my sons make an effort to remember me in thoughtful ways. It’s a reminder of what lovely young men they’ve grown into and, for that, I am very thankful. It’s also a time when we set aside the challenges of daily life to come together and celebrate the good stuff: family and food, health and hope.

Honouring my mom’s memory

Two, for those of us who have lost our moms, the day is a poignant reminder of what will never be. Tough, for sure. My mom died before we could celebrate Mother’s Day together as moms, and I lament that still. Now that I’m armed with the first-hand experience of how challenging this “job” can be, I wish with my whole heart that I could embrace Mom just once more and thank her for her tireless acts of love and courage.

My mother had a challenging youth. But she was an extrovert and, as such, responded to every test by defying convention and plowing on. Having an introverted kid (um, that would be me) must have been frustrating at times. Had she lived long enough, though, she would have seen that some of her spunk rubbed off on me. Sure, I’m still quiet, but I know the battles worth fighting and enter in, sword drawn.

Three, this day makes me emotional because I see the prejudice encountered by women who have chosen not to parent. I despise how others make women feel small or insignificant for not procreating. Support, not judgment, is what we should be sharing.

A healthy world begins with healthy attitudes.

That’s what Mother’s Day means to me. And as women, mothers or not, we have a key role to play in fostering health and wellness so that everyone can grow up to do whatever makes them happy.

Originally Published in Best Health Canada