This is How Michelle Obama Stays Fit After the White House

The former First Lady, Michelle Obama, and her hubby use these tricks for staying fit, relieving stress and bringing a little fun into their relationship.

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Barack and Michelle Obama continue to be major #fitness and #relationshipgoals

You’d think a lot would change after leaving the White House – especially when you’re the President and First Lady. But turns out that a lot stays the same. You still have secret service, you still have to go to public events, and you still have access to some of the best staff in the country.

The Obamas long-time trainer, Cornell McClellan (he’s been with them for 20 years!), opened up about what it’s been like training the famous couple since they returned to civilian life. For the most part, their workouts have stayed the same, but there’s one major difference: “they smile more.”

The Obamas have always been dedicated to exercise. Michelle spearheaded several fitness-focused initiatives while she was First Lady, while Barack was often caught playing basketball – he had a court installed in the White House – or golf in his free time.

These days, they’re trying new workouts

According to McClellan, now that the couple is out of office, they enjoying some of the workouts that most of the world takes for granted. While the rest of us hem and haw about having to go to a group class, the Obamas love it. Michelle is a big fan of SoulCycle, specifically.

If you admire Michelle’s toned arms, you’ll want to try these arm exercises.

To keep them in tip-top shape, McClellan tailors their workouts and makes sure to incorporate a lot of variation. He says they “mix it up a lot,” and use weights, kettlebells, bands, tubes and the TRX.

Michelle Obama does a plank outdoorsPhoto credit: Instagram/michelleobama

Plus, boxing helps them with stress

While he says they don’t talk much about the current state of politics (who can blame them?), he encourages anyone who’s feeling frustrated to take it out in the gym. McClellan says he makes time to box with Barack, adding that “the First Lady will do it, too.” Apparently, it’s a great stress reliever. “For people with high-stress jobs, boxing really works for them. To be able to punch some things.” These boxing moves are key for women.

If it can get the Obamas through 2018, it can get us through, too.

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