Michelle Obama Is Starring in a Kids Food Show on Netflix—and It’s Called Waffles + Mochi

It's called Waffles + Mochi and it looks adorable.

We know it feels like you scroll through the same streaming content day after day. You can only rewatch so many episodes of The Great British Baking Show and the other food shows on Netflix.

Thankfully, Netflix just made an announcement that’s going to appeal to young and old, alike. The good news is that former first lady Michelle Obama is going to be hosting a new cooking show on the platform—and she’s going to have some help from a few puppet costars. Michelle was known for promoting healthy eating and this is a continuation of that crusade.

Discover what our most famous FLOTUSes liked to eat. No surprise, Michelle Obama enjoyed the bounty of her famous White House garden!

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What’s the Show About?

The show is called Waffles + Mochi, which is also the name of the two puppets who live in The Land of Frozen Food. Waffles appears to be an icy creature with a knit scarf and frozen waffles for ears, while Mochi is a little sentient blob of mochi ice cream.

The premise is that Michelle is a supermarket owner who helps Waffles and Mochi on missions to learn more about global ingredients. That means the puppets will travel to farms, restaurants and kitchens around the world. Think going to the Andes to pick Peruvian potatoes or making miso in Japan. We’re pretty sure there will also be celebrity and chef appearances.

When Will the Show Be on Netflix?

Waffles + Mochi premieres on Netflix on Tuesday, March 16, so you’ll have plenty of time to gear up. While the target audience is clearly children, we bet grown-ups will be educated and entertained, too.

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