How To Master Metallic Eyeshadow For Every Skin Tone

Sparkly lids are a must-add to your beauty routine come the holidays, so we’ve rounded up the best metallic shadow matches for every skin tone.

Metallic eyeshadow, woman wearing metallic eyeshadow for dark skinphoto credit: Alvaro Goveia

Give your eyes some sparkle this holiday season

Psst! It’s time to step into the light because metallic eyeshadow has the power to dress up your eyes without being demanding. “It makes your eyes stand out and offers a lot of impact, but it doesn’t take long to do,” says hair and makeup artist Sheri Stroh, “plus everything else on your face can be very simple.”

Partial to contrasts, Stroh prefers bronze eyeshadow tones on fair complexions. “They add a little more depth to the eyes, so they’re not washed out,” she says. For anyone with a medium skin tone, Stroh goes for gold. “It gives a glow, which is really beautiful,” she says, “and it can be more monochromatic and blend in with the warmth of your skin tone.” For those who are rich in melanin, it’s all about silver. “I love how it pops on deep skin, even with just a little bit of product,” says Stroh, noting that any metallic shadow can be used to line eyes for a subtle effect. (Why shouldn’t your eyes get some attention? Here’s how to make them the centre of attention this holiday season.)

And don’t forget to layer, advises Stroh. “Bronze is more forgiving, but lighter metallics can look stark if you don’t put a base shade underneath.” To add dimension, she pairs gold with warm brown and grounds silver using black. “I always suggest playing around with it,” she says. “Start off with less and build it up if you want more. If you’re prone to under-eye circles, you can omit putting it under the eyes or use a lighter shade. Or do a thin line that’s close to the lashes so you’ll still get a bit of definition.”

Speaking of lashes, they need love, too! “Mascara is key: It finishes off the look,” says Stroh. (If you’re wanting to add one last finishing touch to your holiday look, try this red lip colour.)

Want to know your metallic eyeshadow match? Here are the shadows that will best suit your complexion:

Metallic Eyeshadow, fair skinphoto credit: Geoffrey Ross

Metallic eyeshadow for fair skin

If you have a fair complexion, bronze is your BFF this holiday season. These metallic shades add the perfect touch of sparkle, while still looking natural.

Product order from left to right:
  • M.A.C Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Amber Lights, $19 at
  • Kiss New York Professional Hexa Eyeshadow Palette in Nude Brown, $13 at
  • Sephora Collection Colorful Eyeshadow in My Teddy Bear, $13 at
Metallic Eyeshadow, Medium skinphoto credit: Geoffrey Ross

Metallic eyeshadow for medium skin

It’s simple: Gold is your go-to. Play up your party look with golden tones that’ll warm up your complexion.

Product order from left to right:
  • Yves Saint Laurent Full Metal Shadow Liquid Eye Shadow in 17 Gold Source, $40 at
  • Maybelline New York The City Mini Palette in Urban Jungle, $12 at mass retailers.
  • Sephora Collection Colorful Eyeshadow in Girl Night Out, $13 at
Metallic Eyeshadow, dark skinphoto credit: Geoffrey Ross

Metallic eyeshadow for dark skin

Silver for the win! Give your eyes the attention they deserve this party season with a metallic eye that’ll be remembered.

Product order from left to right:
  • Sephora Collection Colorful Eyeshadow in Jazz Club, $13 at
  • Revlon ColorStay Crème Eye Shadow in 750 Vanilla, $9 at mass retailers.
  • Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette Colour-Coded Eye Shadows in The Rock Chick, $66 at Holt Renfrew stores.
  • Joe Fresh Eye Shadow in Meteor, $6 at Shoppers Drug Mart stores.

Originally Published in Best Health Canada