Maria Menounos Is Recovering From Major Surgery

After announcing she underwent brain surgery, E! host Maria Menounos takes a step back to focus on her health and family.

Maria Menounos brain tumour, Maria Menounos dressed casually at an event photo credit: shutterstock

E! co-host, actress and former news anchor and WWE wrestler and host Maria Menounos just revealed that she was recently diagnosed with a brain tumour and is now recovering from the surgery to remove it.

Back in April, Menounos took action to confirm the health scare she feared and was given the diagnosis that she was battling a brain tumor called meningioma that was confirmed benign during her surgery. Her diagnosis came after she was experiencing some strange symptoms but, after standing by her mom’s side as she battles her own stage 4 brain cancer, Menounos had the foresight to look into it.

Lightheadedness, headaches, trouble reading the teleprompter and slurred speech were among some of the symptoms, she told People. She explained that it sometimes took her three tries to get the words out after stuttering and slurring her words.

After watching her mother go through brain cancer, her symptoms led her to believe that it was in fact a brain tumor and it was then that she sought medial help and had an MRI to confirm what she had suspected to be true.

Once the diagnosis came through as positive, Menounos decided to leave her post as co-anchor at E! to focus on her health, as well as that of her mother’s, and underwent a surgery on June 8 (her 39th birthday), which removed 99.9% per cent of the tumor that had been putting pressure on her facial nerves.

Her neurosurgeon Dr. Keith L. Black (the same physician treating her mother’s cancer) stated that there is a small chance that the tumor may return, but it was enough for Menounos to move forward with the surgery.

Now back at home with her longtime beau and fiancé after her six-day stay at the hospital, Menounos is working on getting her strength back up and working through the healing process, which had her face still feeling numb. Menounos’s treatment is now complete, however she posted on Instagram to thank her fans and remind them that her mom is still battling her cancer, though it is currently stable.

Maria Menounos brain tumour, a photo of her and her mom from Instagramphoto credit: instagram

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