We Found the Best Makeup Sponge to Master Your Everyday Look

Easily the hardest working tool in your makeup kit.

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A modern-day makeup kit isn’t complete without a makeup sponge, or two.

The original white wedge makeup sponge has been innovated inside and out with better-performing materials, a variety of shapes and a rainbow of fun colours. “Anyone and everyone should be using a beauty sponge,” says Victoria Falcao, a Toronto-based makeup artist and beautyBOUTIQUE manager. “They give a more luminous finish, working the product in for a more skin-like appearance, but they can also build product well. They are great for someone with dry skin as they don’t enhance texture. And since they are generally used damp, they tend to provide a little more moisture to the skin.”

Why this shape is the most desired makeup sponge

A contoured egg-like shape designed to be used all over the face is most popular. “Use the larger side of the sponge on the wider planes of the face and the pointed end to blend underneath the eyes and around the nose,” says Falcao.

Bonus: a dry sponge can also deliver the finishing touch for your face. “Used dry it will help to buff excessive blush or foundation lines. The texture of the dry sponge works just like an eraser without leaving traces,” says Adi Lando, Sephora PRO lead artist. He also advises washing a makeup sponge after every use to remove excess residue and germs for safe and clean makeup application.

How often you should replace your makeup sponge

With regular care, be prepared to swap in a new one every three months. Or more. Falcao prefers a monthly replacement. “Even if it still looks like new, makeup, dead skin and bacteria can build up inside a sponge and can lead to skin irritations like an inflammatory rash. A true sign it definitely needs to be replaced is if it starts falling apart on you,” she says.

Products from top to bottom:

  • Kit Premium Make-Up Blender Sponge, $6 at Rexall
  • Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge & Travel Case, $9 at realtechniques.com

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Originally Published in Best Health Canada