3 Ways To Look Rested After Pulling An All-Nighter

A beauty scientist shares her best advice on faking a solid eight hours.

how to look more awakephotocredit: shutterst

Between all of the planning, prep and parties, it can be tough to get enough sleep at this time of year. Dr. Frauke Neuser, principal scientist for Olay, gave us her best advice on faking a solid eight hours.

“The eyes always give away when you haven’t had enough rest,” says Dr. Neuser. But with a few tips and tools, you can fake bright, I-just-had-a-great-night’s-sleep peepers in the morning – even on just a few zzz’s. Here’s how.

1. Apply a cold compress

The old chilled-cucumber-on-the-eyes trick actually works. “The cold shrinks the capillaries and stimulates lymphatic drainage,” she says. A bag of frozen peas, a frozen eye mask or even a cold washcloth can help reduce puffiness and redness.

2. Drink up

Lack of sleep alone can compromise your skin barrier, but if you also had a few cocktails the night before, chances are good that your skin is low on moisture. “Dehydration accentuates any fine lines you may have, especially around the eye area, making you look even more tired,” says Dr. Neuser. Start the day off with a few big glasses of water to replenish your system – and your skin.

3. Moisturize

Wake up tired-looking eyes with the right under-eye moisturizer. Gently massage an eye roller over the area to reduce puffiness, and apply a brightening product to correct dark circles – at least until you can catch a full night’s sleep.

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