Live Clean silicone-free hair care

Recently, I decided to give up looking for the perfect lipstick and have turned my focus instead to finding the


Recently, I decided to give up looking for the perfect lipstick and have turned my focus instead to finding the right anti-frizz product. Intrigued by a sample from the Living Proof No Frizz line because of the entire celebrity-ish buzz around it, I gave it a try at home. This particular sample was Straight Making No Frizz Styling Treatment for Thick to Course Hair (4 oz. $24).

What makes Living Proof buzzworthy is that it is’surprisingly’made without silicone, the frizz-busting ingredient that smoothes hair and is found in most hair products (often listed as Dimethicone). This no-silicone styling cream, applied to hair after shampooing and before blow-drying, did its job very well. I can see why there’s so much hoopla around it. But it’s expensive. (As an aside, the Living Proof website,, has a terrific engaging animation video on how the product is made. Cute.)

So, I was intrigued this week when Live Clean, a Canadian eco line available in drugstores, announced its launch of a new line, Exotic Nectar Moroccan Collection, featuring argan extract. Along with shampoo and conditioner, the line includes an oil treatment and an anti-frizz styling product called Exotic Nectar Argan Oil Smooth & Shine Cream, which I tried on an unusually muggy September day’and it worked for me.
The entire line is made without silicone. Here’s what Live Clean has to say about it:

‘While silicone, which has long been used in hair products to regain lustre and shine, comes from a natural source, it undergoes extensive chemical processing that leaves a huge ecological footprint and renders the ingredient ultimately synthetic. Says executive president Michelle Sparrock: ‘Most serums contain Dimethicone which in itself is not harmful but in order for it to be effective it has to be mixed with siloxanes.”

According to the Live Clean press kit, siloxanes are on a government ingredient watch list. Finding an alternative was challenging, says Sparrock. ‘The foundation is sorbitol and propanediol which are both derived from sugar…they are highly effective at moisturizing the hair and, in conjunction with panthenol and argan, the result is a superior product that is impeccably green.’

Not to mention that the price won’t leave you in the red: $6.99 for 120 mL for the Smooth & Shine Cream.

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