Leaves of Trees flagship store opens in Toronto

A look inside the Leaves of Trees flagship store.


Leaves of Trees is opening its first flagship store in downtown Toronto. The all-natural apothecary skincare and haircare line has previously been sold online (at leavesoftrees.com) and in select boutiques. Founder Roohi Qureshi, a Toronto-based medical doctor with a background in chemical engineering, launched the brand after the natural soaps she had been making in her spare time got rave reviews from friends and family. From formulation to the packaging of the finished product, Qureshi is involved in the entire process. Seriously, each individual product is handmade and personally packaged by Qureshi. (I am amazed at how she finds the time!)

Qureshi also routinely visits the women’s cooperative in Morocco where the Leaves of Trees argan oil is sourced. Argan oil is a fast absorbing moisturizer with high levels of vitamin E, phenols, carotenes and fatty acids so it has great anti-aging benefits. The oil is made by crushing argan nuts (pictured below) and processing them by hand. It reportedly takes one woman 20 hours to prepare 1 litre of oil.
The current Leaves of Trees line includes argan oil (frequently referred to as “liquid gold”), butters, deodorants, lip balms, lotions, sugars and salt scrubs, and soaps.

You can visit the Leaves of Trees flagship store at 177 Queen Street East in Toronto. It opens May 1st.

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