Could This Fat-Blasting Laser Treatment Be The Answer to Your Belly Frustrations?

This procedure promises early results in six weeks, with no downtime. Too good to be true? Beth Thompson investigates.

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Let me introduce my “frustrating” jelly belly. Frustrating because the fat refuses to budge no matter how hard I exercise, yet jiggles happily at the slightest move. Exasperated, I signed up for a round of cryolipolysis a few years ago. Cryolipolysis is a method of getting rid of fat by freezing it. Removing the heat from the fat cells causes them to crystallize and die.
Initially, I was pleased with the results, a flatter tummy. However, a few months on, I ended up with a different issue, what I’d describe as “divots”: pits of reduced fat randomly spread across my abdomen. Not a good look. (Find out which exercises can help you lose belly fat, according to one of the best celebrity trainers in the biz.)

When I heard about SculpSure, I was both intrigued and apprehensive. SculpSure is also about removing fat cells, but it’s done via laser so the cells are heated up rather than frozen. I called up Dr. Diane Wong, founder of Glow Medi Spa in Toronto, to get the lowdown.

What is a SculpSure laser treatment?

“The SculpSure laser is very specific in targeting fat cells at the precise depth to get excellent results in a focal area. The heat then gently feathers to the neighbouring fat cells to get a natural contour while potentially tightening the skin as well,” she explained.

Once the cells’ structural integrity is damaged, your body naturally removes them through your lymphatic system. It’s a permanent solution, as once the fat cells are gone your body can’t regrow them.

What really intrigued me about the procedure, though, is that Dr. Wong said it might help correct my asymmetry.

“Irregularities after surgical liposuction and/or ‘cold freeze’ lipolysis can result, and can be significantly bothersome. They have been described as ‘shark bites,’ as chunks of fat may have been removed leaving an unsightly contour. SculpSure offers a solution to treat these irregularities, and we now have a high demand for these revision treatments,” she said.
Because SculpSure has several applicators that can be applied in various configurations, it’s customizable. “We can fine-tune the results of previous treatments by treating the remaining fat that may cause bulges or a lumpy, asymmetrical appearance. Results are a smoother contour and more symmetrical silhouette.”

You can guess my reaction to that news. Before I could say bikini season, I found myself at her clinic with her associates mapping out the target areas on my tummy.

How long does a SculpSure laser treatment take?

The laser procedure only takes 25 minutes, but there is some prep. First, technicians mark the area of concern and then strap on plastic frames that hold the transducers in place that will deliver targeted heat. You can have four at one time and there are varying sizes for different body shapes. I had three on my right abdomen, one on my left, as my priority is about regaining symmetry.

It’s uncomfortable, but not painful. Tylenol helps. Afterward, I didn’t experience any pain, just tenderness. I went about my day, pas de problème.

I’m excited for the results. Honestly, I am embarrassed by how my tummy looks — enough that I tend to avoid certain situations. Until SculpSure, I was afraid I couldn’t remedy it, and that really bummed me out. Now I have new hope.

When do results begin to show?

It takes six weeks to see early results, 12 weeks to see full results — that can amount to almost a 25 percent reduction in fat. And, even though I’m only 5 weeks in, I’ve already noticed my core is smoother. I’m pumped!

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Originally Published in Best Health Canada