This Hand Blender Makes It Easy to Whip Up Smoothies, Soups, Sauces and So Much More

A handheld immersion blender is compact, easy to clean and does so much more than emulsify soups and sauces.

An immersion blender, also called a hand blender, is a super versatile kitchen gadget. It’s called an immersion blender because you literally immerse its blades right into whatever needs blending—no need to transfer ingredients into another container, no need to find counterspace for a fancy blender or stand mixer.

And while it can beat a batter or purée a soup like nobody’s business, there are other surprising things you can do:

  • Make the best scrambled eggs: Instead of whisking your eggs, hit them with an immersion blender for 30 seconds before they go into the pan: The air you get into them will result in extremely creamy scrambled eggs.
  • Try DIY mayo: Throw an egg, a little mustard and lemon juice, some grated garlic and vegetable oil into a mason jar just slightly bigger than the head of the blender, and let it rip till emulsified. Voila: two-minute mayonnaise.
  • Make homemade juice: Remove the skin and pith from an orange (or six) and chuck what’s left into a jar. Blend it up until you get perfectly pulpy orange juice.
  • Make homemade pasta sauce: Crush whole tomatoes right in their can for incredibly easy tomato sauce.
  • Give your nut butter new life: Blend back together natural peanut butter that’s separated in its jar.

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Originally Published in Best Health Canada