Keep Them Happy and Healthy This Spring with Vitamin C

Give your little ones 24-hour immune support with Sisu Kid Stiks.

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From a long-awaited return to the playground to a March Break getaway, this is an active time of year for kids

But even with cold and flu season in the rear-view mirror, the immune system can still take a hit during busy, stressful periods. For this reason, it’s just as important to support your child’s immune health during springtime.

When it comes to the functioning of the immune system, vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that helps your body create infection-fighting white blood cells. Plus, it’s especially important for kids, as it aids in the proper development of bones, teeth and gums. However, since the human body can’t make vitamin C on its own, your child needs an adequate supply of this vital nutrient each and every day.

Of course, that’s not easy when you’re on the go, whether you’re driving to the soccer field or travelling to Disney World. That’s where Sisu Ester-C® Kid Stiks come in handy. This multivitamin powder comes in convenient single-serving stick packs and is an easy way to give your child the nutritional support they need — all you have to do is add water. The powder mixes up into a non-effervescent electrolyte drink that kids love. Kid Stiks are available in two great-tasting flavours — Groovy Grape and Cherry Chill — and are free of gluten, peanuts, tree nuts and artificial sweeteners.

Kid Stiks are a super easy way for kids to get the vitamin C they need. Why Ester-C®? It’s the only form of vitamin C proven to remain active in white blood cells for 24 hours — to provide round-the-clock immune support. And in addition to being a potent form of vitamin C, Kid Stiks contain electrolytes, calcium, magnesium and trace minerals in each serving. Plus, since they’re non-acidic, they’re gentle on the stomach.

Kid Stiks are perfect for kids on the go. For more information, go to