We Just Love Kate Upton’s Take on Wedding Weight-Loss Goals

Model Katie Upton is avoiding stepping on the weight scale to get ready for her upcoming wedding to finacée Justin Verlander.

Smiling Kate Upton doesn't care about her weightphoto credit: shutterstock

Kate Upton’s wedding weight isn’t an issue for her. In fact, her weight doesn’t matter to her at all, that the supermodel says she never steps on a scale. I couldn’t agree with her more.

Upton, who’s about planning a wedding with professional baseball pitcher Justin Verlander, says she won’t be following any crazy fad diets for her big day. And she definitely won’t be weighing herself, “I never get on a scale because you can’t judge yourself for how much you weigh,” she told People magazine. “What really matters is how good I feel.”

Kate Upton’s wedding weight strategy is an inspiration

While some people live and die by the number of pounds staring back at them, I always felt it did more harm than good for women’s confidence. Either I was disappointed after a week of hard workouts and healthy eating – obsessing over everything I ate to make sure the number went down – or I totally gave up on my diet and workout routine because the number went increased. A scale can make you obsessed.

And I’m not the only one who feels that way, as Upton, one of the sexiest celebrities, just reaffirmed my theory: Scales hurt you, they don’t help you.

Upton isn’t the only member of the Hollywood elite who lives by the no-scale rule either. Khloe Kardashian, Pink (who says by the “numbers,” she’s considered obese), Tina Fey, Chrissy Teigen and Kristen Bell are just a few celebrities who refuse to play the weight game. And many are jumping on board with non-scale victories.

In addition to your favourite famous faces, some fitness facilities are calling it quits on scales, too. Carleton University removed all scales from their gym, saying, “The best indicator [of your health] is how well you feel in your body.”


Not everyone will agree Kate Upton’s wedding weight philosophy

I couldn’t agree more, and while ignorance isn’t always bliss, in this case, I think it is. As long as you’re eating a well-balanced diet and exercising regularly, the number on the scale really shouldn’t matter—or should it?

What many weight-loss fanatics don’t realize is that muscle tissue is much more dense than fat tissue. So when you replace fat with muscle, the number on the scale could stay exactly the same or even get nudged up a pound or two — even though your body is looks leaner and healthier. Working your butt off just to have the scale tell you your body hasn’t changed is probably one of the most discouraging things a regular exerciser can encounter.

While I totally concur with Upton and others who have given up on scales, there are those who believe knowing your weight is a critical component to knowing how healthy you are, and that without them, we’re risking our physical well-being – even if that comes at our emotional well-being’s expense.

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