“I Felt So Strong And Invincible” – Kaetlyn Osmond On Achieving Goals

Winning a medal at the 2017 World Figure Skating Championships would give you all of the feels. And Kaetlyn Osmond shares what it took to get there.

Winning a medal gives you the best feeling

Winning is what athletes do, right? So it’s completely not relatable to the rest of us –you’d think. But what we can take from inspiring women like Kaetlyn Osmond is their strategies, and break it down into our own goal-setting programs. Why? Because winning is the best feeling. “My biggest #BHmoment would be achieving my silver medal at the 2017 World Championships,” Osmond tells me, while she was promoting a new partnership with pet food brand Nulo. “I felt so strong and invincible in that moment that there is nothing I can compare it to.”

Here is how she did it, and how you can win your next goal too.

figure skater Kaetlyn Osmond

Winning for Kaetlyn Osmond  means

“Skating has given me many obstacles to overcome and achieving that silver medal proved to myself that I can comeback from anything.”

The strategy

“I started skating at two years old. I had my first competition when I was five, went to my first nationals at 10, and my first internationals at 14. But when I was 18, I was forced to take a year off from injury. I made the goal to comeback from that injury and become the best skater that I could be. I trained extra hours and spent a lot of time ensuring I was strong and healthy both mentally and physically to achieve my goal.
“My life is better because I feel proud of myself and have built so much self-confidence. I feel strong and capable of anything I put my mind to.” This is why women are at higher risk for injuries than men are.

How other women can relate with their goals

“It isn’t going to be easy. It’s painful, and there will always be people in your way. If you can find the smallest glimmer of love for what you are doing, you will find the strength to get through anything.”

About the new partnership and her own pets

She has two pets: Rasquette and Cockapoo are her dogs, and Annie is a cat. “They don’t care if I win another medal or championship,” says Osmond. “They just want to know when we can cuddle on the couch or walk on the trails. It’s comforting to know they are home waiting for me, especially after a grueling workout.” They are the reason she is working with a pet food company. “I’ve partnered with Nulo for their launch in PetSmart stores across Canada and joined the We Decide campaign. Together we want to remind pet parents that it’s ultimately our decision what we put into our pet’s bowl.”

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