Jordyn Woods Talks About Feeling Good About Her Body (& Why You Should Too!)

The model and body image activist (and Kylie Jenner bestie) Jordyn Woods shares why fitness and fashion are important for feeling good about ourselves.

Jordyn Woods AdditionElle campaign, Kylie Jenner friendphoto credit: AdditionElle

Jordyn Woods loves how she looks, and so should you

For fans of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Jordyn Woods is the ultimate insider. She is Kylie Jenner’s bestie (who also had her own athletic line partnership) and is often seen in pap shots and Snapchat videos with her. But with 4.2 million Instagram followers, modelling gigs and a recent athletic wear partnership with Addition Elle, Woods is a celeb in her own right. Best Health connected with Woods because of our outspoken take on body image. With gossip rags commenting on her weight (up, down, it’s enough to get dizzy), she gets frank about why it’s important to find your own self-worth that is independent of how much you weigh on the scale.

Why is body image activism important to you?

“It’s important to me because we should all love our bodies and ourselves and not try to fit into society’s standards.”

How does fitness wear play into body image for you?

“It motivates me to stay active when I’m wearing a new or cute fitness outfit, which then leads me to feeling healthy and having an positive outlook on my body image. I love working with Addition Elle, and this second collection was really inspired about having pieces that are versatile and that can be worn working out or on a night out. The brand really understands the importance of comfort, fit and most importantly fashion.”

What is one fitness item you don’t like wearing?

“I don’t like wearing shorts when working out. I’m more of a legging and tights kind of girl.”

What fitness item makes you feel amazing?

“I love a good sports bra. No one likes to feel uncomfortable and unsupported when working out.”

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How does being a model affect how you see your body?

“I’m very positive about myself and my body, but everyone will have certain days where you don’t like a certain body part. However, I’ve found that modeling has made me more confident and love my body more. [With] modeling, [it] makes you realize that what you think of yourself is the most important.”

Do you have a body image role model? If so who? If not, why not?

“I think anyone that is pushing the boundaries and loves their bodies are role models to me. I’ve worked alongside great role models like Ashley Graham who continue to inspire girls.”

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At Best Health, we often talk about our #BHmoment. It’s achieving a goal or an aha moment about your health. What is your #BHmoment?

“Recently, I’ve come to realize to not focus so much on the number on the scale. There are so many factors that come into play like height, body shape and bone structure. It really comes down to feeling healthy and being healthy it doesn’t matter what that number is one the scale.”

Jordyn Woods Addition Elle campaignphoto credit: Addition Elle