A Car Accident Almost Killed Jana Webb But Meditation Saved Her

Jana Webb barely survived an accident. But meditation, her yoga company Joga and being grateful is what gave her the drive to get stronger.

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Sometimes life hits pause for you to move on, like it did for Jana Webb

For Jana Webb, being active was just who she was and is. So, when a recent car accident left her unable to move, she had to re-learn how to take care of herself, which is her #BHmoment.

“My Best Health moment – I should say is about my success – but it’s not,” says Webb, who not only was on The Real Housewives of Toronto but is also the owner of Joga House, a blend of sports training and yoga.  The accident left her unable to move. “It was when I broke my back. I couldn’t walk. My moment was the idea of coming back and being stronger.”

Life is pretty good now. She recently partnered with Reebok as a spokesperson, and her fitness business continues to grow. But looking back, it was hard to imagine getting here. She used to work out to get rid of any of life’s frustrations. But with her body hurt quite badly, she had to find another way to heal. Not just physically, but emotionally.

Jana Webb’s #BHmoment

“I have been through a real year. I was in a near-death car accident. I broke my back in three places. What I knew how to do in life – which was moving – was taken away from me. And around that time, I had signed a lease for my Joga House. I had a big business and I couldn’t even run it. I always believe in passion and I always have a lot of passion in what I do. But this year, I had to learn compassion. When you can’t move, when you can’t do your job, you hit all different depths of characteristics of yourself that you didn’t even know exist.”

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Finding her new normal

“At first it was a lot of meditation and quiet work. If I can move I can work out any frustration. That first month of rehabilitation, the mindfulness was a big part of it. I used Joga. I used my own program that had fixed so many bodies.”

Getting inside her own head

“I would just walk up every day and realize how unbelievable it is that our minds can transform our bodies. It is about being super positive and surrounding yourself with super positive people. Think about making a change every hour. Think something positive every hour. I did belly breathing. It’s such a great way to slow down the nervous system and tell the brain that everything is going to be OK. Everything is going to be OK.”

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Looking back, and she is not the same Jana Webb you saw on TV

“It’s taken a lot of courage. It’s taken a lot of confidence. And it’s taken a lot of getting knocked down and getting back up again,” she says. “”Because I was strong going into the accident, that is why I’m able to walk today. So, I always say to people now your body is your accountability. Whether you are a mom, whether you are an athlete, you are a business person – you only have one body.”

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