3 Effective Moves to Shake Up Your Workout

Jana Webb, Reebok ambassador and creator of JOGA, shares fun ways to get a little more out of your workout this season.

Jana Webb, JOGAphoto credit: Jana Webb

Focus on the journey

Jana Webb likes to begin her workout before she even gets there. Some of her favourite ways to get in extra exercise are to bike to a set of stairs in her neighbourhood for a stair workout, or run to an outdoor gym or park for bodyweight training. (Try this bodyweight routine you can do anywhere.)

Add a medicine ball

Using a fitness ball or medicine ball can shake up a routine your body has gotten used to. Try holding a medicine ball as you do lunges, or putting one hand on the ball as you do push-ups. “It’s a different way to activate the muscles,” says Webb.

Bring on the bands

Elastic bands come in all different tensions and since they’re small and lightweight, it’s easy to carry one with you and do your workout anywhere. Create resistance for bicep curls by stepping on a band or wrap one around a tree to do upright rows. Be sure to check out these resistance band moves to help increase your intensity and strength.

Originally Published in Best Health Canada