“It works for me!” – Nazneen Contractor

Image: Joe Deangelis Photography From the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Ontario and a long-running role on TV series 24; to


Image: Joe Deangelis Photography

From the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Ontario and a long-running role on TV series 24; to major role in Star Trek Into the Darkness, actress Nazneen Contractor has come a long way.

Learn a little bit more about her in this month’s installment of ‘It works for me.’

10 words that describe you: Driven, passionate, epicurious, runner, yogi, nerd, enthusiastic, playful, reliable, bawdy

First paid job: Camp counsellor at the Harbourfront Kids Spring Break Camp (in Toronto)

Dream job: I’m doing it!

Favourite workout: A five mile run on the beach

Least favourite workout: Spinning

Diet: I eat everything. Dark green leafy vegetables are a favourite and a staple. I try to stay away from too much processed starch.

Go-to healthy snack: Apple with raw almond butter

Favourite food indulgence:
Linguini with a sea urchin sauce topped with bottarga (salted fish)

Wine or beer? I don’t drink

Coffee or tea? Tea

Indoor or outdoor workouts? Outdoor

Morning or evening workouts?

Celeb crush: Carlo Rota (her husband, a star on the show Little Mosque on the Prairie)

Dream travel destination: Nepal

Healthy living philosophy: Listen to your body. Stay hydrated. Push yourself. Be thankful for your body.

What beauty tips do you ascribe to that are tied to your heritage?

My mother and grandmother were big fans of putting coconut oil in their hair and leaving it in over night before washing it out. It restores health and shine and does wonders after my hair has been processed all week on set. I also use it on my body.

What’s your beauty routine when you don’t have access to a makeup artist or hair stylist?

I tone and moisturize my face and under eye area. For makeup, I put black eyeliner on the upper lid, mascara on bottom and top lashes, cream blush on my cheek bones and I fill in my eyebrows. I use a tinted moisturizer when I feel it is necessary and run a straightening iron through my hair. Very simple.

How do you get ready for big event or red carpet?

I go for a run first thing in the morning and drink loads of water throughout the day. I use a hair and makeup team but am very vocal as I always have a specific idea of what look I want to create. I then pack my purse with all the night’s essentials. The last thing I do is slip on my dress and spray on some perfume!

Do you ascribe to any natural beauty remedies?

I am a big believer in juicing at least once a day. I also take a supplement called ‘Maxi-Hair’ for hair, skin and nails.

What do you use for sun protection – what’s your routine?

I use a Murad moisturizer with SPF 30, rain or shine.