“It works for me!” -Florence K

Montreal-based musician Florence K was a music-lover from a young age. As a child, she even went on tour with


Montreal-based musician Florence K was a music-lover from a young age. As a child, she even went on tour with her mother Natalie Choquette, a well-known Canadian opera singer.

Music isn’t her only passion though – she’s also planning to become a yoga instructor, loves coconut milk and dreams of travelling to Egypt.

Learn a little bit more about her in this instalment of ‘It works for me.’

10 words that describe you: Musical, balanced, mother, girlfriend, artist, compassionate, disorganized, friend, fun, late.

First paid job: Babysitter.

Dream job: The job I’m doing right now. Being a musician, hosting a radio show (every Saturday night on French CBC) and singing.

Favourite song/artist: Nina Simone. I love her rendition of ‘I Put a Spell on You.’

Favourite workout: Moksha yoga.

Least favourite workout: Anything has to do with a machine in a gym. All I need is my body and the outdoors for a good workout.

Diet: I’m not fully vegetarian, but I only eat meat maybe once a month. I try to eat as little as possible for ethical reasons. I also eat mostly organic and seasonal. I love going to organic food stores.

Go-to healthy snack: At Moksha Yoga Centre, one of my teachers makes these chai latte energy balls with nuts, almonds and chai spices. They’re all vegan. She sells them at all the Moksha studios in Montreal.

Favourite food indulgence:
I love coconut milk – whenever I make something I add it. In desserts, pasta, rice, fish. It adds taste and is super healthy. The best mix is coconut milk with red curry.

White or red wine? Red.

Coffee or tea? Coffee. The first thing I do when I wake up is make coffee on the stove, start my fireplace and take a moment for myself. It’s a great ritual.

Indoor or outdoor workouts? I’m a huge fan of the outdoors – especially in the winter it’s an antidepressant to go outside. I love skating, skiing and walking my dog. The fresh air is amazing. I bring my yoga with me outdoors too. I love yoga because you can do it anywhere.

Morning or evening workouts?
I love to work out in the morning to boost my energy. But sometimes I don’t have time, so I go in the late afternoon or evening.

Celeb crush: Jay-Z. He has such a positive personality. I love that he’s trying a vegan diet.

Dream travel destination:
I would love to go to Egypt. There’s something so spiritual about the land of Africa – the ancient civilization, the culture.

Healthy living philosophy: Applying my yoga practice off the mat. Everything is a matter of balance – between work and leisure; self-care and compassion for others – and focusing on the present moment.

Florence K’s latest album, ‘I’m Leaving You,’ is available for download on iTunes.

-Katharine Watts, associate web editor