“It works for me!” – Catherine Murray

Working for BNN as a host for Market Sense and an anchor for The Business News, Catherine Murray is well-versed


Working for BNN as a host for Market Sense and an anchor for The Business News, Catherine Murray is well-versed in the world of finance. When she’s not doing industry analysis or talking mergers and acquisitions, the born-and-raised Torontonian loves to ski and dreams of travelling to outer space.

Learn a little bit more about her in this installment of “It works for me.”

10 words that describe you:
I think friends and colleagues would describe me as thoughtful, determined, strong, loyal, fun, engaging, energetic, loving, curious and kind.

First paid job: An Eaton’s modeling job when I was 18’months-old; wearing a one-piece yellow pyjamas outfit.  I still have the picture.  My first Bay Street/Wall Street job was at Nesbitt Burns which was a phenomenal place to work.

Dream job: Anchoring on BNN, discussing business, economics, people, politics and interviewing interesting guests.

Favourite workout:
My absolute favourite workout is hiking a mountain, carrying skis on my back.  The workout is intense mentally and physically (at least for me), and feels so great when you reach the apex.  Since I can’t do that workout all the time, running outside is my favourite regular workout.

Least favourite workout:
I am not a yoga enthusiast, at least not yet.

Diet: I eat a predominately high protein and green vegetable diet.

Go-to healthy snack: I don’t crave snacks, and prefer to eat great meals.

Favourite food indulgence: French fries are my favourite treat.  I’m finding some great places in Toronto to indulge – to the point where I might become a connoisseur.

Wine or beer? I love a great California Chardonnay, or a White Burgundy (the original chardonnay).

Coffee or tea? I love a dark strong coffee with a shot of espresso.

Indoor or outdoor workouts? Outdoor is preferred, but I also like going to the gym and taking classes with other people.

Morning or evening workouts? During the week I work out in the evenings. On the weekends at my cottage I like to start the day with a run outside.

Celeb crush: Mark Carney the former governor of the Bank of Canada (now the Bank of England Governor) a.k.a. the James Bond of Finance. And Mark Wahlberg.

Dream travel destination: Virgin Galactic is pioneering space tourism.  At some point in my life, I would love to be able to experience outer space.

Healthy living philosophy: Cultivate great relationships and make sure to protect them with respect, love and loyalty. In addition to eating well and exercising, make sure to get enough rest regularly.  Be present in the moment, appreciate what you have, and believe that you can achieve anything you’re willing to work for.