Is avoiding alcohol the key to weight loss?

I recently started working with a personal trainer to help me get in shape for summer and, of course, lose


I recently started working with a personal trainer to help me get in shape for summer and, of course, lose some weight that’s been hanging around since I had my youngest son (almost 5 years ago!). I am loving the sessions and find that I’m more motivated because I have someone encouraging me’although I could really do without the hills on the stationary bike at the beginning of each workout!

After a few weeks I noticed changes in my body, particularly around my midsection (my problem area) and my arms. I’ve changed my eating habits quite a bit too. I’ve always been a pretty healthy eater, but didn’t exercise proper portion control. I had also become what I like to call a comfort-snacker at night’these two bad habits together are a powerful force for weight gain.

So, now that I’ve made this commitment to get fit and toned and drop some pounds I’ve changed my habits. I’m eating every few hours, including fruit for snacks, protein at every meal and lots and lots of veggies. I really like eating this way, so it’s not a hardship. What is hard, though, is the idea that I can’t enjoy a glass (or two) of wine on a Friday and Saturday night (according to Todd, my personal trainer, who’s written a book on weight loss and really knows what he’s talking about). I kept telling myself that I could get the results I wanted without giving up alcohol, but then the neighbours would stop by or my husband and I would have dinner out and wine just seemed like a must. But I’ve come to the realization (after many lectures and slower than molasses movement on the scale) that if I want to reach my goals I’m going to need to put alcohol on the shelf for a while.

Nothing is more disappointing then getting on the scale and finding that the good I’m doing all week long isn’t making changes as quickly as I want because of the empty calories I’m consuming on weekends. So my new goal is to avoid all alcohol until I’ve reached my goals. I’m hoping this is the key to really starting to see the scale move in leaps in bounds.

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