3 Ways to Pump Up Your Cardiovascular Health

Covid-19 has served as a good reminder about the impor­tance of prioritizing your heart health, since data have shown that those with pre-existing heart conditions may be at higher risk of complications from the virus.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is an important way to manage your health. And, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are a few easy and accessible ideas for improving your heart health:

1. Thrive in Stillness

Practise mindfulness to improve blood sugar control, boost immu­nity and reduce inflammation. According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, meditation is also great for warding off stress. Find serenity in a guided meditation podcast, a tapping (emotional freedom technique) app or an online yoga nidra routine during a convenient daily window.

2. Eat More Greens

Infuse meals with more antioxi­dants, fibre and fats. Antioxidants from dark leafy greens, crucifer­ous veggies and teas (artery-improving green tea, cholesterol-lowering oolong tea, heart-protec­tive white tea) offer amazing car­diovascular benefits. Fewer car­diovascular events result with soluble fibre. Boost your fibre intake with asparagus or sweet potato sautéed in a heart-healthy oil. Oils that are high in monoun­saturated fat (avocado, macada­mia nut, extra-virgin olive oil) increase our nutrient absorption of vegetables and offer cardiovas­cular protection.

3. Try Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), also known as ubiquinone and ubiqui­nol, is a key antioxidant for heart protection. Low levels of this nutrient are widely available in plants, including pistachios, cau­liflower and oranges. Meats, espe­cially beef heart, and fatty fish are rich in CoQlO.

With these accessible shifts, you will strengthen your heart with the vitality it deserves.

Paige Purvis is an integrative nutrition health coach and CEO of Radiant Self Wellness

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Originally Published in Best Health Canada