How to run: Our guide to running better

Learn how to run with our guide to running better, whether you’re training for a 5K or marathon or just 20 minutes on the treadmill

How to run: Our guide to running better

What is it about running? Is it the purity of getting fit with just a pair of shoes, the versatility of being able to run anywhere, or that elusive runner’s high? Whatever it is, there’s no need to be afraid of running’it’s accessible for just about anybody. (Of course, if you’re not used to exercise, you should check with your doctor before starting a running program.) Learn how to run with this collection of articles on technique, running plans and inspiration.

Running how-to

Running 101
Use this how-to-run primer and get on the road to optimum fitness.

Treadmill or outside?
Running outdoors is great, but treadmills offer some surprising benefits.

5K running plan
An eight-week training plan for your first 5K run.

Make running less boring
Read our writer’s tricks for taking running to the next level’you can do it too!

Running inspiration

5 reasons to run
Jog your way to a slimmer body, longer life and better mood.

"I became an athlete (and lost 75 pounds)."
A newfound addiction to running (and competing) helped this Toronto woman lose 75 pounds’and gain mountains of confidence.

"I ran my first marathon at 43!"
A daughter’s diabetes diagnosis got this mom running.

7 ways to work fitness into your life
Strategies to help you make exercise a habit.

"I ran a half-marathon and lost 75 pounds."
Persistent knee pain and a scary asthma attack pushed Naomi Sanderson to lose weight’and run a half-marathon.

Stay healthy

Exercise smart: 6 tips to prevent injuries
Around 75 per cent of sports injuries involve the lower body, with the majority of these injuries involving the knees.

Maximize your exercise
Five things every woman should know to maximize her workouts.

Foods that fuel
Give yourself a boost with these seven strategies for high-energy eating.

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