How to be happy

Happiness really is a state of mind’and you can find it. Learn how to be happy by tackling your issues head-on and finding your inner happiness

How to be happy

Source: Web exclusive: February 2009

Are you stressed, anxious or worried that you’re not achieving what you should be? Do bad moods slip into your consciousness as a matter of course? Don’t accept the status quo—make your life into what you want. Learn how to be happy with our articles on managing anxiety, fighting stress and living your best life.

Learn to be happy by rejecting perfectionism

Could imposter syndrome be affecting you?
Are you plagued with self-doubt in light of your successes? Do youattribute your accomplishments to luck? You could be suffering fromimposter syndrome. Find out what it is and how to deal.

"I gained a new attitude—and lost 20 pounds."
Putting perfectionism on hold helped this Calgary manager cope.

Get happy by ditching anxiety

"How I beat my anxiety."
Anne Mullens had been a chronic worrier for most her life until achance encounter in a New Age bookstore brought her the change sheneeded to overcome her chronic anxiety.

Anxiety: Symptoms and treatment
Are you worried all the time? It could be an anxiety disorder. Learnabout the symptoms of anxiety and how you can treat and prevent it.

"I beat anxiety with yoga."
One woman’s triumph over depression, a breast-cancer scare and infidelity.

Learn to be happy by treating depression and mental illness

New treatments for depression
Antidepressants do work. So do some surprising new depression treatments.

The pros and cons of some common antidepressants
We look at a few drugs used to combat depression. Learn about these common antidepressants and their side effects.

How light therapy can help seasonal affective disorder
Seasonal affective disorder and its milder form, the "winter blues,"affect millions of Canadians. Find out how light therapy can help.

Horticultural therapy for mental health
Experts now say horticultural therapy may be helpful in treating mentalillness. Find out how mental health can be nurtured by this hands-onapproach.

Get happier by defeating stress

Make stress work for you
Seven ways to turn stress into strength.

"I beat stress with naturopathy."
Tracy Visser was running her life on high-speed—and an empty tank. Anaturopath helped her reassess her priorities and gain an overall senseof health and happiness.

8 tips to stop tech stress
Discover the joys of a (relatively) unplugged existence.

No more road rage!
13 tips to reduce commuter stress.

9 no-fail stress-busters
Inject a little Zen into your day with these research-based tips.

5 reasons to cut clutter today
Cleaning house can help you shed pounds and stress and boost your health and career opportunities. Really!

Find the happiness within

Mindful walking: Could it help you?
Mindful walking, or walking meditation, combines the physical benefitsof moving with the mental benefits of meditating. Find out how to getstarted and how mindful walking can help you gain focus and fight stress.

How to get the life you want
Eight questions from Canada’s top life coaches to help you get your life on track.

The power of positive thinking
Can an optimistic attitude help you think yourself healthy?

Self check: Are you an optimist?
Three key ways to assess your attitude and determine whether you’re an optimist.

4 ways to boost your mood at work
Workday getting you down? Try these four strategies to brighten your day.

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