How The Detox Market Turned Your “Dirty Secret” Into a New Green Beauty Brand

Detox Mode promises to deliver exactly what your green beauty routine has been missing.

Detox Mode Altogether OilPhoto Credit: Detox Mode

A few years ago, The Detox Market began asking customers to share their “dirty secrets” – those conventional products they had yet to give up in favour of an all-natural alternative. Secrets were submitted anonymously via an in-store ballot box, and the feedback was enlightening (and some secrets had nothing to do with beauty!). While customers of The Detox Market are highly invested in green beauty and an overall eco-friendly lifestyle, many had yet to go completely green with their beauty routine. The reason? They hadn’t found a good replacement for that favourite conventional product.

Detox Mode dirty secretsPhoto Credit: instagram/detoxmode

What The Detox Market discovered was that many of its customers were still using conventional body products. “People are so careful about what they put on their face and then they’re ignoring their body,” says Romain Gaillard, founder of The Detox Market. In order to fill a need for its customers and make it easier for anyone to make the switch to green beauty, The Detox Market launched a new brand called Detox Mode. With a commitment to all-natural, plant-based, palm-free formulas, Detox Mode promises “clean replacements for all your dirty beauty vices.”

The brand worked with a Canadian formulator to create its debut product, the Altogether Oil ($42), which launched in October. Altogether Oil is a dry oil for the body, face and hair, meaning it has a lightweight application but is heavy on the hydration. (Perfect for Canadian weather!) Key ingredients include jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, aloe leaf juice, ginseng root extract, and a blend of sweet orange, neroli, lemon, petigrain, cardamom, patchouli and coriander essential oils. Notably absent from the ingredient list is palm oil, which Gaillard says they intentionally avoided despite it being a cheap and widely available oil. “It’s not toxic or bad for you but it is bad for the planet,” says Gaillard, noting an increased awareness around sustainability in the green beauty industry.

Still looking for a green alternative for one of your beauty essentials? You can submit your secret at for 15 percent off your first order.

And for those who didn’t quite get the memo and wrote down other personal indiscretions, don’t worry, your secret is safe;)

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