Hilary Duff Isn’t Shy About Taking Care of Her Digestive Health

The star was spotted carrying a bottle of something that’s known to help calm tummy troubles.

HIary Duff digestive issues, Hilary Duff on the red carpetphoto credit: shutterstock

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about celebrities, it’s that they have a lot of weird health habits they swear by. From skipping breakfast to drinking breast milk, it seems there’s nothing stars won’t do to maintain their perfect bodies and youthful looks.

The good news is that there’s one popular Hollywood health habit that’s less on the bizarre side and more on the beneficial one: Drinking kombucha.

On the heels of her body being talked about in the media for its “thickness,” Hilary Duff was spotted with a of bottle of kombucha on the set of her TV show Younger. It wasn’t inside a bag. A papp didn’t have to zoom in to figure out what it was. Hil was just carrying it like it were a bottle of water.

What is kombucha?

Kombucha is one of many nutritionist-approved fermented foods, which have been praised for helping digestion . Kombucha specifically contains a combination of vitamins, polyphenols and probiotics. Which could be why Duff was drinking the stuff on set.

Probiotic-rich foods contain good bacteria — you know you’ve heard this one before — that keep your gut in good health. Since your gut is at the centre of your body (and to be honest, its function), your gut’s health can affect everything from your workouts to your immune system.

Not only that, but kombucha is packed with antioxidants, which means in addition to keeping your insides working well, it’s believed to help protect your outsides from the elements. Many believe will help drinkers smooth fine lines, boost radiance and even skin tone.

One of the key benefits of fermented foods (and drinks like kombucha) is that they’re packed with probiotics.

If all the physical benefits weren’t enough to get you sipping this sweet tea, maybe the mental benefits will be: A 2013 study published in Biological Psychiatry found that probiotics can have a positive effect on your mental health.

So while we usually proceed with caution when it comes to following in our favourite stars’ footsteps, this is one habit that we’re giving a healthy two thumbs up.

Hilary Duff posts a funny instagram about how eating a salad is never flatteringphoto credit: instagram