5 First-Aid Essentials To Bring On Your Next Hike

If you think you just need your hiking shoes and a jacket, think again. Here’s our list of first-aid essentials to take on your next trek. You will be happy you did.

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What to Pack in Your First-Aid Kit

The Boy Scouts were right: It’s always best to be prepared. For falls, bites, scrapes or whatever accident may happen on your trek, we’ve round up these four essential first-aid items in your backpack to keep you safe and happy. Happy hiking!

hiking first aid essentials

1) All the essentials

This light and easy-to-carry first-aid kit contains adhesive bandages, antiseptic towelettes, burn relief cream and more.

Life Brand Travel First Aid Kit, $3.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart 

hiking first aid essentials

2) Eau Baby

Stay hydrated without having to lug heavy water bottles with this easy-to-use device. It filters up to 1,000 L of contaminated water, making it safe enough to drink.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter, $25.86 at amazon.ca 

hiking first aid essentials

3) Blanket Statement

Don’t risk getting trapped in an unexpected storm. This reflective blanket will protect you in all severe weather conditions  .

All Weather Emergency Blanket, $18.50 CAD at MEC Stores and mec.ca.

hiking first aid essentials

4) Always On

This two-in-one tool serves a hand warmer (more convenient for cooler months or early morning hikes) and emergency power bank so that you can charge your smartphones, GPS system and more.

Celestron Thermocharge 10 Warmer/Charger, $69.50 CAD at MEC Stores and mec.ca.

5) Ice, Ice Bay 

Don’t let a small stumble put a damper on your hike. This cooling spray acts just like an ice pack and will help to reduce any inflammation and swelling.

Deep Relief Sports Pack, $15.97 at Walmart