The 3-Ingredient Breakfast You Can Make Any Morning Of The Week

Skipping breakfast because you don’t have time to make something to eat? This healthy quick-fix breakfast is the solution you’ve been looking for.

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A healthy quick-fix breakfast may be just what you need

When it comes to a healthy quick-fix breakfast, creativity takes a back seat. (Sound familiar? You might want to steal these healthy breakfast ideas.) But a plate full of refined carbs in the a.m. is sure to take a toll on your waistline.

In fact, the typical American breakfast makes Harvard physician Monique Tello “want to cry,” she wrote in a recent Harvard Health blog post. “A bowl of cereal, or a bagel, or a piece of toast, or a muffin are all no different than [eating] dessert.”

These carbs and sugars can cause your blood sugar and insulin levels to quickly spike and crash, leading to cravings later on in the day. And any extra sugar found in your system will eventually get stored as fat, Tello says.

So, what’s a well-intentioned breakfast eater to do?

Toss out your carb-heavy breakfast and opt for Tello’s go-to meal, instead: A simple mix of berries, nuts, seeds and rolled oats, sprinkled over protein-rich yogurt. She swears it’s the perfect healthy quick fix breakfast for those with a busy morning schedule. (If you’re fan of chai pudding, this easy brekkie will keep you energized all morning long.)

“I’m a working mom. I take the train into work. I need something quick, easy, and transportable,” she wrote. “Plus, it needs to be budget-friendly, and must hold me over for a number of hours. So, I put together a quick, easy fruit/yogurt/grain/nut bowl every single day.”

Thanks to the fibre and natural sugars found in fruit, healthy fats in nuts, and protein in the yogurt, you’ll feel full and satisfied for much longer. That also means you won’t find yourself reaching for a fat or sugar-loaded snack midway through the day. But if you do find your tummy rumbling before lunch, keep a stash of these guilt-free snacks on hand.

Are you more of a morning drinker than foodie? You have options for a healthy quick-fix breakfast. Drink this at breakfast and you’ll burn calories all day long.

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