Healthy holidays

In less than a week I’ll be sipping a fruity drink andbasking in the sunny warmth of the sun on

In less than a week I’ll be sipping a fruity drink andbasking in the sunny warmth of the sun on a tropical island (completelyslathered in sunscreen, of course) and I can’t wait. Getting away right now isexactly what I need. With the kids back in school I’ve had every bug they’vebrought home—and with three kids, they all get a slightly different version ofthe virus. Lucky me, I get a chance to experience every mutation.

I plan to go away armed with the books I meant to read thispast summer and a supply of health-boosting supplements. My goal is to comeback healthy, relaxed, rested and not a single pound heavier than when I left.I’m pretty sure I can do the rested and relaxed part, but it’s the weight gainthat might be tricky.

It’s hard not to want to indulge in all the delicious foodswhen you are away on holidays—the fruity drinks alone can send your caloriecount through the roof. My goal is to put into practice some of the great tipsI’ve learned from various health experts. In an upcoming issue we have a storyon how to avoid gaining weight and getting sick while cruising. There are somegreat ideas and strategies from both the writer, who worked onboard a cruiseship, a registered dietitian and a doctor of travel medicine. I’ve digested allof them and I’ve got an action plan. I know when to hit the dining room so Iavoid overeating, I’ve learned what the best time to workout is to get everymachine to myself (and possibly a great view) and I’m even getting my shotstopped up so I can avoid getting sick. I’m all set; I’ll let you know how itgoes.

If you have any tried-and-true strategies you employ toavoid overdoing it at the buffet or to keep from getting sick when travelling,I’d like to read about them.

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