Want Better Healthcare? Look No Further Than Your Smartphone

Smartphones basically run our everyday lives and then some, but have you ever thought about using your device to receive better healthcare?

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It’s time to get your healthcare provider on board with your daily health data

What good is your smartphone if it can’t actually help benefit your health? Right! So, in order to receive better healthcare you might want to start using your smartphone to the best of its abilities. “While many companies are inventing products to help us keep a better eye on our health, it’s only when we’re able to sync these products with our existing medical records — and share this data with our doctors — that we can realize the potential of these innovations,” says Amber Mac, a Canadian technology expert and spokesperson for General Electric.

Here is what to do with your health information from your smartphone:

Bring your data to your doctor

You won’t be alone. New Scientist reports that 39 per cent of people who use a digital device to track their health bring the data to their healthcare provider. If your doctor is old-school and blows off your data as if you just gave yourself a web diagnosis, it may be time for a second opinion. Respect is key.

Make sure you plan ahead

Email the data to your doctor so she can have it on file and analyze it for your next visit. Ask for her insight. Abnormal heart rate readings? Low step count? Interrupted sleep? She should be able to help you get the numbers where they need to be or tell you about any red flags. Your healthcare relationship should be a partnership.

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Originally Published in Best Health Canada