3 Pressure Points to Help Heal Yourself Naturally

Think of these three tips the next time you’re looking to heal yourself the natural way.

Healing Touch, handsphoto crei

Sometimes touch can be healing.

Kathy de Bucy, director of the Canadian Acupressure College, says there are approximately 365 pressure points situated along 12 pathways that transmit energy throughout the body. They become blocked, but when you apply pressure to them you send a message to the brain to help rebalance energy, relax the muscles, improve circulation and release endorphins.

Pressure point #1: For anxiety or nausea

Press your thumb on the middle of the inside of your wrist about three fingers above the wrist crease and hold that for about two minutes with very firm pressure (but not enough to hurt). Repeat on the opposite side.

Pressure point #2: For headaches

Press your thumb in the valley between your opposite thumb and index finger, and hold for two minutes. Repeat on the opposite side.

Pressure point #3: For insomnia

Use your thumb to hold directly below the peak of your inside ankle bone, wrapping your hand around the ankle. Hold for two minutes and repeat on the opposite side.

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Originally Published in Best Health Canada