Beauty tips: Hair tips from LaCoupe

Judging by some of the red carpet looks lately, tailored hair is a trend. ‘The ‘do’ is back,’ says LaCoupe


Judging by some of the red carpet looks lately, tailored hair is a trend. ‘The ‘do’ is back,’ says LaCoupe founder and creator Charles Booth, who I recently met over breakfast. Specifically, it’s hair ‘backbrushed off the face, with a high front crown, and narrow sides’ and best achieved with mid-length hair. If you’ve got some big parties on the agenda, and want to try it yourself, then cue the hairspray. It’s ‘a fixture in every stylist’s kit backstage at runway shows,’ says Booth.

Today’s hairsprays have lower VOC (volatile organic compound) formulas and are ultra-fine mists that still allow a brush to be run through your hair. LaCoupe’s new Flexible Fix Finishing Spray contains silk amino acids, panthenol and lightweight silicones to give hair shine.

On a more casual note, if beachy endless summer hair is more you, Booth says single braids that are ‘wide, side swept and whimsically tousled’ are the latest carefree look. Secure the end of the braid with a snag-free elastic, and leave a few wispy pieces around the front.

Whatever your hair length, and in tune with keeping your morning routine easy-breezy, you might want to try the new Refresh Instant Hair Reviver from LaCoupe’s Orgnx line. It allows you to skip a day of shampooing. Provitamin B5 and brown rice protein condition hair and tame oil.

Booth, who started LaCoupe in Montreal in the ’60s and now lives in London, England, is very big on his new frizz-busting Orgnx Revive Moringa Oil Complex, a blend of moringa, olive, argan and babassu oils. Just a few drops of this hair oil can be used on damp hair before a blow dry to give your blowout gloss; or apply it to the ends of dried hair, as Booth did to mine, for an instant condition boost. At our meeting, Booth gave a little work-day polish to my dash-out-the-door air-dried hair’it isn’t every day that a girl gets to get her hair fluffed by a celebrity hair stylist turned global marketing whiz. And I liked the oil’s light scent too. Also, with each purchase of an Orgnx product, LaCoupe donates a portion of the proceeds to help Trees for the Future, a charity that plants moringa trees in Africa.

Hair spray is $8 and the Orgnx products are $10 each; at drugstores in September.

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