This Hair Product Is The Best Solution For Taming Unwanted Frizz

Because when it comes to managing frizz this summer, adding this step to your haircare routine is so worth it.

Frizzy Hair, woman with curly hairphoto credit: shutterstock

It’s inevitable: You always want what you can’t have. For me, that’s a head of hair that doesn’t frizz as soon as I step outside the front door. (These 5 tips are worth a try to help tame your poofy locks.) During the summer months — especially in July and August — my hair suffers from the mugginess that amplifies in the city’s downtown core. My curls literally take on a life of their own. Basically, I rock a natural and undone head of curly locks like Carrie Bradshaw circa early 2000s but with a touch more frizz, which doesn’t exactly scream “take me seriously” in a professional setting.

Nonetheless, I love my hair. It’s long with just the right amount of body, healthy with the perfect touch of bounce, and yet it air-dries effortlessly in a way that gives the illusion that I’ve been at the beach all day without ever stepping foot in the sand. But, for me, sporting the beach-like vibe day-after-day is not exactly ideal. It’s not that I haven’t tried products in the past to protect against frizzy hair; I just haven’t found anything that’s done the job quite right. So when I was given the opportunity back in June to review Kérastase’s Aura Botanica Crème de Boucles (a curl definition cream for air-dried hair that reduces frizz for 96 hours in up to 90 percent humidity), I jumped on the chance to test it in Toronto’s scorching summer heat. Here’s the truth about what pollution is actually doing to your hair.

I wanted to give this product a fair trial so I used it for a month straight. After every wash I’d apply two pea-size pumps to my damp hair, spreading the product evenly throughout my tresses, while making sure to focus extra on my ends since they are naturally drier. Once my hair air-dried, the product seemed to absorb surprisingly quickly without leaving any crunchy coating or leftover residue. And if I didn’t wash my hair the next day, I’d often reapply one pump to dry hair to give my curls some more definition.

So have my frizzy hair days come to an end?

That would be a yes! Since testing this product, I’ve continued to keep it as a regular in my daily haircare routine. Not only is my hair more visibly healthy and free of frizz in this humidity, but it actually gives me a more defined and smooth curl as opposed to a crinkly mangled mess of beachy waves.

Although I embrace my natural hair in all its simple glory, it’s nice to know that I’ve found a product that can de-frizz my locks when I’d like.

Kérastase Aura Botanica Crème de Boucles, $43 at